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Give your website visitors more control with the slow motion video player. Using the loop feature with slow motion allows for detailed viewing of incredible scenes that must be seen again in slow motion.

This player plays slow motion without having to use Flash Media Server, Wowza or any special server software. No need to encode multiple videos to play different speeds.

Try the slomo player now :
Will it work with your videos?
Enter video url:
Control player options with the URL :

When embeding your video you will edit the URL in two places,

1. param name="movie" value="URL"

2. src="URL"

Edit the following options on the URL :

flvfile = http url of your video file
pic = http url of a preview picture
surfervol = set volume between 0 and 100
adimg = http url for ad image or swf file
adtransparency = ad transparency, 0 and 100
adlink = http url visited when ad is clicked
buffertime = Seconds to buffer every video
prebuffertime = Seconds to pre-buffer next video
showadat = ad will show at : start, play, stop
showembed = Show embed link, "yes" or "no"

Flash Slow Motion Video Player

<P>No video can play until you obtain a free Flash plug-in, go to <A HREF=""></A></P>
Click the play button to start the video above,
then click the loop button and drag the "start" and "end" buttons to
loop a section of video. Click the "slow" button for slow motion play back.
Choose between four slow motion speeds in the hover menu over the slow button.
Go Full Screen for More control

Easy Player Options
Plays any flash video in slow motion, 4 speeds availble to the user
Easy to configure player options by editting values on the URL
Full screen video
Use a preview image before a video
Auto plays video when no preview image is used
Plays multiple video URLs in sequence.
Separate URLs with a semicolon on swf URL
Set video buffer time in seconds
Pre-buffer the next video when playing multiple videos
Set next video pre-buffer time in seconds
Foward to next video and click back to previous videos
(commercial and Pro player only)
Zoom in and out on video
Resize width and height of video
Move video screen up, down, left or right with drag or arrow keys
Apply color filters
Loop a video or loop a section of the video by dragging
"start" and "end" tabs
Show custom advertizing using images or a flash .swf file
Show custom advertizing at "start", "play" or "stop"
How to Embed a Video
<param name="movie"
<param name="quality" value="high">
<param name="play" value="true">
<param name="loop" value="true">
<param name="allowfullscreen" value="true">
<param name="bgcolor" value="#000000">


<P>No video can play until you obtain a free Flash plug-in, <br>
go to <A HREF=""></A></P>

* Edit your movie URL highlighted in red

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